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Custom ​In Home Dog Training

I have 40 years of experience training and handling dogs in a variety of situations.

I offer a free in home consultation to create a custom in home dog training program to fit your budget and your pet’s specific needs.

Each animal is different as is the issue and approach to training. There are breed similarities yet individual personalities within each breed.

Dogs are usually a reflection of their environment. Both the owner and the pet have to be willing to communicate and alter their behavior if training is to be a viable option.

Skilled trainers are created through years of training with a variety of dogs in different situations.

Experience is a factor when selecting a trainer. You want someone who can react confidently and quickly. Timing and repetition is everything. There is no substitute for hands on experience. The ability to read a dog, communicate and react appropriately is essential.

“I’m a dog guy, I speak their language and have an intimate, reverent, connection. It’s the only language in which I am fluent, and the one I prefer”.

I look forward to meeting you and your dog to develop a realistic plan and cost.

I have the innate ability to understand and communicate with all animals.

Trust, communication, and respect are fundamental elements that have to be earned.

Earning your trust and that of your dog is my primary objective. I have the experience and skill, given the opportunity, I am confident we can work together to make your dog, the best he can be. I offer group and private dog training.

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