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​Puppy Training

Introducing a new puppy to your home can be rewarding yet very challenging.

First and foremost, they need to be potty trained and housebroken. They need to learn basic good behavior like no chewing, barking or jumping on people.

Your puppy has certain inherent capabilities passed on by his mother and father. These come under the heading of natural or inherent. All the rest are trained abilities and commands such as come, sit, heel and stay.

Your puppy is much like a computer's operating system with no programs or applications installed.

The new pup needs to be programmed with daily lessons, learn to come when called, sit on command, and walk on a leash.

The first six months of your puppy’s life are full of challenges and offer a narrow window of opportunity for training. During this period of time your puppy needs a delicate approach, developing natural ability, learning and practicing trained behaviors.

As humans we understand the importance of sequential education. We assign categories such as pre-school, grades 1-12 and advanced education. Somehow this concept is lost when dealing with our animal’s education.

A good foundation is relevant to everything we do. You can’t put a roof on a house if you don’t have a foundation and walls. Likewise, you can’t expect a dog to respond reliably off leash during distractions if he doesn’t come when called or walk on leash.

Nagging and hollering doesn’t make it better if he doesn’t clearly understand what you want.

The good news is it’s not difficult if you start early.

I come from an extensive background working with puppies. I am happy to assist with your puppies training by helping you develop a solid foundation on which you can build throughout your dog’s life.

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