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Greetings, my name is Jack Jagoda,

I have over 40 years of experience training and handling dogs for obedience, field trials and tests. I’ve owned trained and handled state and regional gundog champions. I am founder and past president of several retriever clubs.

I had the first ever Master Hunting Retriever, GMHR Trieven Thunder Annie.

I co-owned, trained and handled GCH Poplar Forrest Play it again Sam MH, MHU, UD, RE. Sam is one of the most titled working Labrador Retrievers in the history of the Labrador breed and the first AKC Upland Master Hunter. Sam is an AKC, CKC, and UKC Champion.

I am co-founder and past president of the North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA).

NAHRA and its founders paved the way for the AKC and UKC Hunt test programs.

I worked with both organizations assisting them in the development of their individual testing programs. My correspondence and assistance led to the adoption of the non-competitive test format by the Canadian Kennel Club as well.

I founded, the Richard A Wolters Foundation, a 501c 3 nonprofit scientific, and educational association dedicated to the preservation and advancement of retriever breeds.

I’m co-author of the NRA Hunter Skills Series Book, " Waterfowl Hunting".

My involvement with the NRA led to the formation of the NRA Retriever training program resulting in the formation of several retriever clubs across the country.

I was the editor and publisher of the NAHRA News magazine for over ten years.

I am a professional photographer and writer with published photos and articles with mention in publications such as National Geographic, Connoisseur Magazine, Waterdog and others.

I have numerous television appearances on major networks such as ABC, NBC, ESPN and the Outdoor Channel.

My exposure includes demonstrations for the Congressional Sportsman’s Caucus on the front lawn of the US capitol, and the US Senate in the fountain of the Rayburn building.

I represented the United States at Game Fair in Rome, Italy and participated in the Kennel Union of South Africa Retriever Championship, where my dog Southland Lucky Strike was awarded the coveted title of “Guns Choice.”

I conducted clinics across the lower 48 states and Alaska, also traveling to England, Canada, Nova Scotia, Mexico and Europe.

I actively participate in Super Retriever Series, SRS, competition as a handler judge, and event organizer.

I was a member of the Pro staff for tri-tronics, Radio Systems SportDog division, The Iams company and others.

I conducted retriever demonstrations, training clinics and seminars meeting with corporate clients and retail dealers around the globe.

I trained over 100 Master Hunters of all breeds as well as obedience and hunting dogs with a modest claim, “in excess of a thousand. “

I am currently living in Palm Desert, California. I’m eager to assist, individuals, clubs, and rescue organizations foster, and preserve the quality of life for all canine breeds as they have earned and rightly deserve.

“I’m a dog guy, I speak their language and have an intimate, reverent, connection. It’s the only language in which I am fluent, and the one I prefer. Wherever I go, my dogs go”.

They are my life!
—Jack Jagoda