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Dog TrainerJack Jagoda-Advanced Dog Training offers excellent and informative dog behavior training in Palm Desert and the entire Coachella Valley.

Free in home consultation to create a custom puppy and dog training program to fit your budget and your pet’s specific needs.

Internationally recognized trainer and handler.

Trust, communication, and respect are fundamental elements that have to be earned. Earning your trust and that of your dog is my primary objective.

I’m a dog guy. I speak their language and have an intimate, reverent, connection. It’s the only language in which I am fluent, and the one I prefer. Wherever I go, my dogs go.

They are my life!


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***** Advanced Dog Training - Jack Jagoda is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 20 reviews!

  • *****
    Jack is the absolute best! We have used other trainers, but never had success so quickly. We have two large breed dogs that did not consistently walk nicely on the leash. Within just a few sessions, Jack transformed our walking experiences. We couldn't be happier!
    William and Tammy Lavin
  • *****
    Jack is A plus. He is kind, flexible with his scheming and has really helped me improve behavioral issues on both my miniature Schnauzers. He made obedience training fun ... for me and my pups!!!
    Ann Hazzard
  • *****
    Overwhelmed! Immediate results with my over aggressive dog. I Strongly recommend Jack.
    Ron, Palm Desert
  • *****
    Jack is great. Seriously. We went thru one trainer before Jack and it was awful. After one training session with Jack, we knew he was the one for our dog. We have a large breed puppy right now and it's been important for us to set the right expectations for the dog and our family from the start. Jack's not going to sugar coat anything. He knows dogs and has been training them for years. Look him up, he's one of the most respected dog handlers and trainers out there. Definitely recommend.
    Jason Putnam, Indian Wells
  • *****
    Jack is awesome! He will definitely help you understand your pet better and create a strong relationship with them. He is very flexible with time and place and always willing to give his input. Very nice man and highly recommended for any sort of training that you may have in mind
    Anna Granados
  • *****
    In December 2018, my wife and I adopted a 1 year old 50 pound black lab/pit bull mix from a shelter. Within 10 days it ran head first into my wife and shattered her knee. We realized quickly that we needed a professional dog trainer, and were lucky to find Jack Jagoda. Jack came to our home and worked with me since my wife was immobile. After four, that's right just FOUR two hour sessions, I was able to walk Pepper down our main street, on a leash of course, stopping at street intersections, with people and their dogs walking by and traffic going past. Jack was behind us giving guidance, but from a sweet but wild great big puppy to a manageable and wonderful household pet, it has been an incredible transition. Jack even came by for a free follow up session to be sure Pepper was behaving! We will always be thankful to Jack. My wife had knee surgery but she and Pepper are doing fine!
    Bill Waring

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